Commissioner Office aims at efficient public service delivery to the citizens with an emphasis on timely redressal of grievances. We extend full cooperation to all our sister and allied departments with zero tolerance for negligence in the execution of government policy and provision of relief to the public. We want to keep our nation satisfied and make Balochistan a developed Province in years to come.

Muhmmad Ramzan Plal
Deputy Commisioner Zhob District

Liaqatali Kakar
Deputy Commissioner KillaSAifullah

Bilal Shabir
Deputy Commisioner Sherani

Brief About Zhob Division

Zhob is a historical Division located in northwest Balochistan. Before British invasion, its name was Appozai, British named it Fort Sandeman after Sir Robert Sandeman, British colonial administrator. It was given district status in 1890. Kakar, Mandokhail, Sherani and Harifal are the main tribes living in the district. Mostly inhabitants speak is an administrative division of Balochistan Province and created in 1988 bifurcated from Quetta division. It had been abolished between 2000 and 2008. Zhob Division contains the following districts Zhob District, Killa Saifullah District and Sherani District..

  1. Zhob

Population             :           310,544

Urban                      :           46,248

Rural                      :           264,296

Zhob Tehsil           :           270,721

KKN Tehsil             :           40,423

Registered Voters           :           123070  (Male : 71334  Female 51736

Population Size and Growth:

         1998                 2017              Total            Average annual growth

         (1998 – 2017)

        193,458         (M) 168,358     310,544         ratio-118.41 / 2.52

                                 (F) 142,186

 The total area of the district is 15,287-square kilometers having population density 23.6 persons per square per square kilometer in May 2017 and house holds 45.962

2. Killa Saifullah

3. Sherani

1. Science & Information Technology Department Zhob

In order to improve governance, the Balochistan Government intends to computerize/automate its business processes gradually. The Science & IT Department is to facilitate that process at all levels and to take the crucial initiative a success.

Name of Officer & Designation        Engr. Samt Ullah Khan

                                                           District Officer IT, Zhob
Contact No.                                                 0822 412312

Address :     IT Training Institute, Zhob near Irfan Kasi Stadium.

2.   Social Welfare Department, Zhob

Name of Officer & Designation     Malak Ehsan Ul Haq Mandokhail
                                                        Deputy Director Social Welfare
Contact No.                                         0822 413100- 0312-1818088

 3.   Labour Welfare Department Zhob

  • Name of Officer & Designation              Muhammad Ibrahim                                                                            
  •                                                                  Acting Assistant Director

Contact No.                                             03318367473

 4.   Livestock & Dairy Development Department Zhob

Name of Officer & Designation                Dr. Nasib Ullah Kakar
                                                                   Deputy Director 
Contact No.                                             0822 413180- 0313-8310051

 5.   Government Poultry Farm Department Zhob

Name of Officer & Designation                Dr. Samad Khan
Contact No.                                            0822 413180- 0313-8309336

 6.   Forest and Wildlife Department Zhob

Name of Officer & Designation                Sultan Mehmood
                                                                  Deputy Conservator of  Forests Zhob
Contact No.                                            0822 412914- 0303-2445175

 7.   Agriculture Extention Department Zhob

Name of Officer & Designation                Atta Muhammad
                                                                  Deputy Director                                                                   
Contact No.                                            03323346261

Departmental Functions

  • Functions Dissemination of recommended agricultural practices.
  • To educate and train farmers through modern techniques of sowing, irrigation, fertilizer application, insect pest, disease, weed control, harvesting & threshing of crops.
  • Production and distribution of quality seed and fruit plants.
  • Advisory services in insect/pest management and horticultural activities.
  • Organize farmers for collective solution of agricultural problems.
  • Quality control and regulatory measures of Agricultural inputs.
  • Execution of various crops Introduction & Promotion Programme (IPP).

8.   Sports Department Zhob

Name of Officer & Designation               Jameel Ahmed Mastoi
                                                                  District Sports Officer                                                           
Contact No.                                           03338555258

Departmental Functions

Physical and Sports activities play a crucial role in increasing the number of healthy youth. A well-implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component for the growth of both mind and body. Sports is a way of life for player’s health and fitness and those looking for professional/star status. Involvement in Sports and Games are very essential among all sportspersons to encourage the spirit of participation at district, National and International Level to graduate as physically, mentally and emotionally strong individuals to face the challenges of life.
We at Distric Sports Office Zhob strive hard to provide a wide range  of Fitness and Sports Activities and encourage the active participation of all sportsmen to enhance their self-expression and socializing their skill besides all their daily routine activities

Details will be shared soon

Latest News

Experience Zhob Division


Engr. Asmat Ullah

District Officer IT


Malak Ehsan ul Haq Mandokhail

Deputy Director

Social Welfare Zhob

Lal Jan

District Education Officer


Muhammad Salem Kakar

Assistant Director Fisheries


Atta Muhammad Kakar

Deputy Director

Agriculture Extension Zhob

Jameel Ahmed Mastoi

District Sports Officer